If we talk to a student, he/she will tell us numerous problems/challenges they face in their lives, whether you call them physically, mentally, or emotionally, that we, as normal people, wouldn’t be able to understand in a better way. These do not affect studies but also the wholesome development of the child. We at GYANDEEP have a highly qualified special educator/counselor to work in such situations and make each student comfortable.

Individual Counselling Session:

The students are encouraged to open up in front of the counsellor, interact with them, and share if they are facing any difficulties/problems like lack of confidence, stress, or pressure.

Workshop for teachers:

Workshops are also held regularly for teachers to make them aware of new ways and techniques that have come in the field of education. The teachers are also made aware of the different challenges/problems faced by the students at various steps and how they can contribute to helping them.